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Rules and Regulations

1.1 The Challenge of the competition is for an autonomous (self-directed) robot 'mouse' or called The Hungry Mouse race against the clock to collect as much as possible within a 8 cell by 8 cell maze. The fruit photos are placed randomly on the floor of the maze.

1.2 The mouse maze shall comprise 8 x 8 multiples of an 23cm x 23cm unit square (Figure 1) (subject to +-0.5cm error). The walls constituting the mouse maze shall be 5cm high and 1.2 cm thick. Passageways between the walls shall be 23cm wide (subject to +-0.5cm error). The outside wall shall enclose the entire mouse maze.

1.3 The side of the mouse maze walls shall be white, and the top of the walls shall normally be red. The floor of the mouse maze shall be made of MDF and finished with a matt variety of black paint (blackboard paint). The coating on the top and side of the wall shall be selected to reflect, and the coating on the floor shall be selected to absorb, visible and infra-red light.

1.4 The start of the mouse maze shall be located at one of the four corners. The starting square shall have walls on three sides. There is no predetermined destination as the mouse are allowed to roam within the maze in a predetermined time.

1.5 Square posts, each 23cm x 23cm x 5cm high, shall be placed at the four corners of each unit square (the lattice points).

1.6 The dimensions of the mouse maze shall be accurate to within +-0.5cm error, whichever is less. Assembly joints on the mouse maze floor shall not involve steps or gaps of greater than 1mm. The change of slope at an assembly join shall not be greater than 5 degrees. Gaps between the walls and posts shall not be greater than 1mm.

1.7 A start sensor may be placed at the boundary between the starting unit square and the next unit square.

1.8 Discovery of fruit photo:

  • The robots are allowed to roam randomly within the maze.
  • Upon discovery of the fruit photo:
    - The judge shall appoint mark for one fruit photo.
  • The robot shall continue to move for the next discovery.

    Multiple paths to the maze are allowed and are to be expected. Points will be given to the mouse that explored random fruit photo within the maze, located at the floor of the maze. Points will be calculated once for each fruit photo.

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*Kindly take note that the mentioned activities, venues and time slots are subject to change.

*Kindly take note that the mentioned activities, venues and time slots are subject to change.